Escape from the economic meltdown

As dark economic clouds hover above most of us threatening the rains of unemployment, foreclosure and credit crunching the likes of which will leave us begging for hand me down Payless shoes, many of us are dreaming of escaping to greener pastures. I certainly have those days when I am one of those dreamers and its not always even about the country’s woes. Sometimes my everyday stresses cause me to wish that Calgon was something real and tangible and could, in fact, take me away somewhere relaxing and possibly filled with bubbles.

(Hum the X-Files theme here)

(Hum the X-Files theme here)

This weekend I went on a long journey. My husband and I drove the Extraterrstrial Highway near Area 51 in Nevada and I got to thinking (as I sometimes do). I remembered something my dad said to me back when I was a curious little kid wanting to know how the world and the universe worked.

My dad, who has led a life of incredible adventures, told me that if an alien space ship landed in our backyard and invited him onto their ship he would go in a second and never look back. Even if it meant that he would never see his beloved family again or the world he knows he’d rather chuck it all for a chance at seeing and learning new things.

No valet parking for extra terrestrials

No valet parking for extra terrestrials

So in honor of a ‘chuck it all for greener pasture adventures’ attitude, today’s blog is a fantastical escape for all of us who are mired in non-stop bad news on what seems like all fronts.

Take a moment to imagine what you would do if you had the opportunity to board an alien space ship. Sure, the aliens might just probe you South Park style but, then again, maybe they’d show you the universe and it would be an amazing experience. The only downside is that if you were returned to Earth at some point most likely everyone you know would have long since grown old and died. Would you get on the ship? Why or why not? Use the comment section to tell us your story.

Here’s what I would do:

I would go. Even if I’d never see any of my loved ones again and I’d miss out on all of life’s special moments I’d get my butt on that space ship and I’d go where no man has gone before.

Sure, I might die as soon as we leave the atmosphere because the aliens failed to account for my fragile little human system or I might thrive in their eco-system and learn all the secrets of the universe. Life is short and while I avoid the extreme sports type of dangerous activities I would absolutely take a chance on seeing the whole universal picture. And then I’d come back and blog about it. Or whatever the blog equivalent is in the year 3345 or whenever I get my feet back on Earth. At the very least I will have missed the economic cleanup and I won’t need to wear someone’s nasty old Payless shoes.

I hope they will be as welcoming to us.

I hope they will be as welcoming to us.

Now tell me what you would do…


2 comments on “Escape from the economic meltdown

  1. aaaahhh the alien thing! You’ve heard that saying “it’s not ROCKet science”. Well actually it is. Did you ever wonder why when you just picked all the rocks out of your garden, the next morning the garden is full of rocks again? I used to think rocks had sex…but that is just plain silly! Actually…they are ALIENS. The rocks that sit on the top of your garden dirt are the air breathers. They osmosisize the oxygen down to the rocks beneath the dirt. When you pick these air-breathers, the other rocks have no way to get their much needed oxygen…so the next layer comes to the top to become the new air-breather. They arrived on Earth in their ROCKet ship and are awaiting the arrival of their leader, GIBRALTOR. ROCK & roll music is actually a beacon for their rescue…..food for thought eh?

  2. I love it! I never realized it but its very clear! Thanks for letting us in on the secret.

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