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I Googled myself

This was the time I single handedly brought down the nefarious myspace self-portrait gang. They were easy to sneak up on because they were so intent on finding the perfect angle to get the best pictures of themselves and their emo haircuts.


Ah, the table building

She learned that its the glue that holds things together, not just the promises and good intentions to get things done. Oh, and that a cold beer after manual labor really is one of the better things in the world.

This one is for the actors & anyone looking for a job

We spend eons learning to do the jobs we apply for, whether its actor, rocket scientist or Johnny Knoxville sidekick but we rarely get taught how to interview for jobs. That’s one of the reasons we need more deodorant on the days we interview.

I am not my job, my job is not me

Given that most of us change careers on average 5 times in our lives, is it really realistic for us to think of ourselves as what we do for a living?

Escape from the economic meltdown

As dark economic clouds hover above most of us threatening the rains of unemployment, foreclosure and credit crunching the likes of which will leave us begging for hand me down Payless shoes, many of us are dreaming of escaping to greener pastures. I certainly have those days when I am one of those dreamers and […]