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The Great Outdoors

One of the things I love most about Los Angeles is the incredible beauty of the area. This is why I have a gym membership I rarely use: I’d much rather be outside getting my exercise groove on. Its mostly sunny in this neck of the woods, so why not take advantage?

I like to hike. Its great exercise, fun and a perfect time to get lost in my thoughts when I’m not with friends and talking the entire time. Talking during hiking is good cardio too so that’s just an added benefit. 🙂

Most Sundays I hike with my friend Rachel at some of our close canyons – Runyon or Fryman. This past Sunday, though, we hit the trails at Stough Canyon and did a 9 mile hike and descent.

It was a good smooth hike all the way up to the top. We were experiencing a little break between rain storms here in Southern California so there were clouds and a little drizzle but that didn’t slow us down any.

Me at the top of Stough Canyon 2/8/09

Me at the top of Stough Canyon 2/8/09

At the top we stopped and stretched and took a moment to relax. That’s when we realized how cold it was up there. My hands spent a little while exploring what it was like to be big and purple with cold.

As we started the trip down the mountain it began to rain a little. Not enough to obscure some incredibly beautiful views, though.



Rachel, Amy and I had a phenomenal hike. It got a little rough for me and my crazy cartilage-light knees on the way down but I wouldn’t have missed it. The company, the view, the conversation – this is one of my favorite things and I always look forward to Sundays.

We talked about taking a picnic up to the top one day. Food, wine and men would make for an extremely fun hike and I hope we actually do it and soon.

I felt great after the hike even though I was a little sore and tired. A great little adventure in the outdoors beats a fantastic gym workout every time in my humble opinion. Plus, no pictures taken during a gym work out can rival these:

Amy Zena & Rachel on the trail

Amy Zena & Rachel on the trail



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