Getting to know photography

Today’s blog is about a new passion in my life: photography. I’ve always been the subject of photography as an actor and a model and its only since Conor bought a sweet Canon DSLR that I have gotten into being behind the lens.

Before I delve into this topic, though, I want to update you on last week’s blog topic. Previously on the zenafile I told you that we had found a house that we loved loved loved and we put an offer on it.

The house that might have been our home

The house that might have been our home

It was our first ever offer on a house, a moment much larger and yet smaller than you expect it to be. There were 15 offers on that house beside ours and we did not end up winning the title of ‘buyers’. While its not the news we wanted to hear we did prepare ourselves for it. We agreed that houses are not soul mates, there is not just one for us. We are now back on the hunt for our dream home and we will find it. Now that we’ve made one offer I feel like a legitimate home shopper, not just a lookie-loo. I’ll keep you posted as this adventure unfolds.

Now, back to the matter of the moment. I have long felt that society does not accept modern day Leonardo da Vinci’s – people who can excel at more than one thing in life (to great or lesser degrees of genius). It seems we feel the need to put ourselves into easy to label boxes: if we are creative we can’t be scientific and if we are executives we must lack the ability to think in the abstract. If we are artists we can only excel in one form of art – painters can’t be dancers, etc. etc. blahbedy blah blah. I’ve internalized that a bit growing up; I admit to thinking Jennifer Lopez was full of herself to think she could be an actress a singer and a dancer.

Looking at that logically I can’t help but realize it’s a load of poppycock (I’m not sure what poppycock is outside of being a popcorn based snack but I am sure its a bad thing, like a load of crap). We are all multi-faceted human beings. Entrepreneurs can be amazing painters and Rock Band aficionados. And so I have learned to accept myself as an actor, a writer, a photographer and more. I’m really good at administrative tasks but that doesn’t make me less adept at performing stand up comedy. But if I need an excuse for a bad set I may keep that in my back pocket…

And so I’m beginning my adventure as a photographer. I’m having a great time taking headshots of actors and band photos. I’ve also finally gotten the hang of something I should have mastered years ago: photoshop. It allows me to offer photo sessions packaged with retouching, something not every photographer does.

Here are some examples of my work:

My current promo card

My current promo card

The card features fully retouched pics.

Here is a before and after sampling of my basic photography and the final product after I photoshop it:


This picture has been cropped, color adjusted and the actress’, Caitlin Ward Howe, eensy weensy imperfections have been corrected.

I’m very excited to try my hand at my own headshots. I’ll attach a sample when I’m done.

I’ve found I’m really good at working with people so they relax and let themselves shine. I think that may be because I’ve had so much experience on the other side of the lens – I know how it feels to be the subject of photographic scrutiny. What I am still learning is the technical stuff. To brush up on that I’ve been using this new thing – the internet – as well as going straight up old school – I’m reading the manual that came with my camera.

I hope to turn this in to a side business. I’ll keep you posted on that.

This week I’d like to hear from you about what you are passionate about these days. Use the comments section, or if you’re going to get really detailed and include pics email it to me at zenaleigh@gmail.com and I’ll post it here for you.

Thanks for reading!


4 comments on “Getting to know photography

  1. You will find the perfect house! Love your blog and am wishing you lots of luck with the photography!

  2. Thanks, Nicole!!! 🙂

  3. What am I passionate about? first thought that came to mind was Today. thats it – I am passionate about Today. I wake up and I think what a treat it is to have this today and how it will unfold. I like to look forward to something even if it is unknown as to the ending. I love the deliciousness of Today and at the end usually have more to smile about than not. So I am passionate about living for Today and being in the moment while it unfolds. Keep up the great work kiddo:)

  4. That’s a great passion, Pam. I love it. 🙂

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