First time Househunting

My husband and I have reached that point in our lives when we are ready to make the leap into a little thing called home ownership. Sure, we’ve been looking for 3 years but until recently we couldn’t afford much beyond a pop up tent under a semi-desirable section of LA freeway. But now… well, now that the world is swirling down the drain there are deals to be had, as we learned the easy way when we recently bought a car.

There are pros and cons to shopping for a house in a bad economy. The big plus is that the world is your oyster and good deals abound. But, what if we get crunched by the financial meltdown too? The last thing a person wants when looking to get a piece of the American dream is to become a statistic. There’s irony there, but I choose not to dwell on that cuz I’m too busy fantasizing about new furniture.

In the time we’ve been looking we haven’t found anything that made the little hairs stand up on the backs of our necks and that little voice whisper in our ears: This is the one. This is our home. Until last Sunday. We walked into this house:

This is THE ONE

This is THE ONE

and we both knew. This was the one. We were in agreement 100% and we said those magic words to our realtor: “We want to make an offer. How do we do that?” We’ve never done this before. Its a whole new world, literally. It gets you thinking about the things you never consider when looking for a new apartment, such as ‘are the schools good’? ‘Is this in the middle of a floodplain?’ ‘Will this house make me look fat?‘ We’re flying by the seat of our pants and having uttered those words about making an offer we realized that we’d just changed. We became, gasp, a zut alors! – like adults or whatever. Strange. Scary and exciting.

The one thing that made us stop for a quarter of a millisecond was the price. More than we were really looking to pay. I want to shop for a house like this: you name your price and I will refuse to become emotionally attached and then I can give you a lower offer and if you scoff at me then fine but if you accept it then ‘yay me!’ Figures that the house we love is a short sale listed at a very reduced price in a desirable area with swarms of people looking at it, all of whom love it. We ended up making an offer a little bit over the asking price and now we’re sitting with bated breath waiting to hear if our offer is accepted.

Part of me thinks that I’ll be relieved if we don’t get it. We can bide our time and find another dream house. But part of me wants to live there really really badly. Which of me will win?  Stay tuned. But really, how awesome is this:

High ceilings!

High ceilings!

French Doors all along the back open to the back yard!

French Doors all along the back open to the back yard!

Big open kitchen with a skylight!

Big open kitchen with a skylight!


2 comments on “First time Househunting

  1. Good luck Zena! That house looks absolutely amazing!

  2. This house is so CUTE!!! Good Luck!!!!!!!

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