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Inauguration Day 2009

I’ve never really watched an inauguration on TV before. I’ve seen them but I never sat down to watch one. Until today.

The scene of change

Presidential Inauguration 2009

It seems as though politics really matters all of a sudden. Not just to me but to most Americans. Its not really that politics didn’t matter before, though. I think most people, myself included, came to view politics as so corrupt and so full of crap that our participation wasn’t doing a damn thing – we were just spectators at a horror flick and we could see the depressing conclusion a mile away.

No matter how bad things got it seemed like you never heard all the facts, or they were mentioned but no one was willing to address the ramifications. The proverbial rug is swollen to bursting with all the dirt swept under it.

Then along comes Obama and he wants change. Not just the buzz word, but the actual “we have to make this happen, get our hands dirty and bring back the good in our world” kind of change. And the hairs on the backs of our necks stood up. This man was not only saying that we could accomplish change despite high odds, he was living proof. And then politics mattered again because we were released from the audience and let back into the cast of the show. And not a moment too soon! The very future of our country is in question, no matter what we tell ourselves.



And with the stakes having been jacked up so high we all sat up, paid attention and made an incredible change in the world. I’m proud to have voted for Barack Obama and to have witnessed today, a moment in history that had such meaning for me and for so many others. Conor and I held each other on the couch and watched, tears streaming down our faces, as what seems like a dark period in our history was brought to a close and a new chapter began.

The focus of our hopes

The focus of our hopes

I know that Barack Obama is not Superman. He’s merely a human being. An intelligent, attractive well spoken human being with compassionate eyes who says the words we so desperately want to hear. And what makes him all the more believable is that he doesn’t talk about how he’s going to fix everything while he metaphorically pats our little heads. No. This man is telling us it can’t be done without us and no matter how lazy we’ve gotten we all know, somewhere in our jaded noggins, that change isn’t going to come without all of us rolling up our sleeves so we can access that elbow grease and do our parts.

The hopeful

The hopeful

If all of these people on the mall and all the ones who watched the inauguration at home pitch in I believe we can make a difference. And if you look at history all the times that our leaders, especially the charismatic ones who swooped in during our darkest hours, asked us to make some sacrifices and do our parts to dig ourselves out of the mire we have done it and those have been our finest hours. I think most people enjoy hard work if it accomplishes something they can be proud of and the restoration of the country we call home is certainly worth that effort.

I think we all know this deep within our hearts and minds. And that is why so many millions of us wanted to be a part of this momentous day. Because the years of empty rhetoric and bald faced but unquestioned and unquestionable lies are over. We can breathe a sigh of relief. Something is being asked of us that we can deliver and in doing so it will restore our pride and sense of self worth as people and as a country. And Barack Obama is the shining face of that change in our perspective. And that’s why I cried as I watched his inauguration this morning, even if I wasn’t able to put it into words at just that moment.

My President

My President

And that’s what I think about that.


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